Salon and Spa Owners: Easily Find Qualified Candidates

This is not just another app – it’s THE app for the Beauty Industry!

Help is here for Salon and Spa owners!  No more hanging up banners looking for qualified professionals to drive by and see if you have an open position, no more clapboard signs, relying on word of mouth, crossing fingers, or placing ads that are not working on job sites that are not tailored to serve the Beauty Industry.

Because now, you have Salon and Savvy.

After years in the beauty business we have seen how difficult it can be to find the right fit for empty spaces in salons, and for professionals to find the right space for their business.  Neither the professionals nor the salons know when the other is looking.  That is why we created the Salon & Savvy app – a space where salons can share details around their salon’s structure and amenities with pictures.  The salon can then post an opening for the professional they are looking for, along with the expertise and experience.  Likewise, professionals can find salons with open positions looking for someone with their accomplishments and skills.  Since the professional is always anonymous they can send an introduction to the salon with their profile if the opening is a fit.  That is where Salon & Savvy unite!

So go to the app, create your profile, then claim or add your salon.  Highlight all of the features that make your business unique and show a current photo that will appeal to your prospective renter or commissioned person. By requiring the salons to claim and verify their locations, as well as professionals to provide license verification upon introductions, Salon & Savvy ensures that only true professionals are interacting with qualifies salons and spas – taking the guesswork out of finding the right fit between the two. The app is always free to access and use.  If you have an open position, post what you are looking for only 29.99 a month which is less than placing an ad in Craigslist and your connections will be better too! Let’s spread the word that there’s a useful app for our industry now!


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DownloadDownload our free app to get started today!
ClaimClaim your salon location(s) and create your profile. Showcase your business by highlighting your amenities, unique structure and more.
PostPost openings for qualified candidates based on the skills you are looking for. Post pictures, desired experience and more – make it your own!
EngageReceive an email from a qualified applicant interested in your opening and schedule a convenient time to connect. Explore our blog section to more hiring tips.