Salon & Savvy is the smartest way to find the perfect place to build your beauty career and for salons to fill open spaces with beauty professionals. Why? Because Salon & Savvy was created by a business owner who knows the industry and how difficult it can be to find the right fit.After years in the beauty business, Ruth Oberg has seen how difficult it can be to find the right fit for empty spaces in salons and for professionals to find the right space for their business. Neither the professionals nor the salons know when the other is looking! And online job sites simply aren’t tailored to serve the beauty industry.

That is until Ruth had a dream to create one place for salons and beauty professionals. One app that would unite the empty chairs and the stylist. The table and the masseuse. The counter and the nail technician. It would not only be smart, but savvy too.

And so, Salon & Savvy is what dreams are made of! The Salon & Savvy app creates a space where salons can share details around their salon’s structure and amenities and post openings for professionals with specific expertise and experience. Likewise professionals can find salons with open positions looking for someone with their accomplishments and skills. By requiring the salons to claim and verify their locations as well as professionals to provide license verification upon joining, Salon & Savvy ensures that only true professionals are interacting with qualified salons and spas – taking the guess work out of finding the right fit between salon and beauty professional.

So why drive around looking for salons with openings or putting out clapboard signs or banners looking for stylists? It’s time to get Salon & Savvy!