Interview: An Interview with Shag Salon in Scottsdale, Arizona

Shag Salon Scottsdale Arizona

Shag Salon Scottsdale is Leasing Stations to Highly Qualified Stylists

Recently, we have the pleasure of visiting one of Scottsdale’s newest boutique salons and we were impressed. We sat down with the owner, Lisa DeSanto and she had a few things she wanted to share with you.

How long have you been in the salon industry?

  • Prior to pursuing a career in the beauty industry, I studied business at the University of Illinois and Arizona Stae. I modeled for the Ford Robert Black Agency in both their print and runway departments; while modeling I attended Carlos Valenzuela Academy for cosmetology graduating in 1992. I then apprenticed for successful stylists/colorists at elite salons for three years while perfecting my skills. During this period I also studied at Instituto Marangoni school of fashion in Milan, Italy. I have been associated with prestigious salons in Scottsdale and Chicago for twenty-four years prior to forming Shag Salon in 2017. I am a Master Colorist, Expert Stylist, and Hair Extension Master.

What made you take the step to open up your own salon and what makes your salon special?

  • Realizing a void existed, in the Scottsdale salon community for a fashionable Boutique salon, Shag Salon was born. It was designed to be a prestigious salon with a unique, inviting environment while possessing the latest in high tech equipment and engaging the services of highly qualified, experienced, established stylists. Shag is not a training ground for new stylists, as are the bigger name salons, but a salon where highly skilled stylists can confidently serve their clients.

What type of hair stylists are you looking to hire?

  • We do not hire hair stylists. We lease stations within the salon to highly qualified, experienced stylists who have a base of existing clients. They have available all the amenities and equipment of the salon while managing their own businesses.

Why did you decide to download the Salon & Savvy app?

  • I was informed by Teresa Young of The TrueKonnect App about using this tool to help fill my stations.

Why should everyone come to your salon?

  • This is a salon for those seeking to best in hair styling services provided by highly experienced talented stylists in a welcoming, modern, elegant environment.

About Shag Salon

Shag Salon is Scottsdale’s newest, chicest boutique salon. The surroundings are welcoming, serene and elegant. The styling and washing stations are custom designed and constructed providing privacy and featuring the latest lighting and high tech equipment. The selfie-taking bathroom is conversation stimulating and design award-winning. Centrally located just Northwest of the bustling intersection of Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard.