Why You Need a Contract

Contract Legal

If we could write a blog post in only a few words, the simple answer to why you need a contract is it’s the smart thing to do. We now live in a world where a handshake or someone’s word doesn’t go as far as it used too. Honestly, if you could just shake someone’s hand because they said it would be this way and your rent would be this it would be the best but unfortunately, everything today must be agreed upon and put in writing with both parties signing.

So, rather than suffer through the confusion of wondering what each party’s responsibilities are, you’re better to have everything in writing. This will help avoid confusion or disagreement and the following is a few important reasons as to why….

Clear Communication

This is where everything that is agreed upon must be put down cleary so both parties can agree upon how everything will be handled. This will include the time frame, duties, amount of rent, and what you can and can’t do. Remember to be very descriptive because if there is ever any confusion, you can always refer back to this! It also sets the expectations and boundaries from the beginning and makes sure you and your client are on the same page.

Defines The Relationship

Bottom line, everyone knows what is expected throughout this relationship, so it is less likely there will be difficulties or misunderstandings.


When a contract is signed, everyone is agreeing to the terms laid out. That means they are to pay you on the dates specified and get you the information you need long before the last minute scrambling begins. It also educates everyone about needs because chances are they have no idea. This isn’t something they do every day.

It Prevents Mess Ups

If either you or your client does not fulfill your agreed about responsibilities, your contract protects you from getting screwed over. Obviously, the goal is not to end up taking anything to court but if you have to, you can and your contract will serve as a record of what you and your client agreed to.


Basically, if you don’t have a contract when you work with a client, you don’t have any legal protection and YOU NEED IT!

Contracts are truly the smartest thing to do. They don’t require a lot of work but they will save you from mishaps and issues down the road so our recommendation would be not to skate around them and just get it done!