Interview: Interview With Luxx Salon Suites

Luxx Salon Suites Scottsdale

Salon Suites Available in Scottsdale, Arizona


One of the numerous benefits we have at Salon & Savvy is the opportunity to connect with so many incredible salons all over the country. Ultimately, we love to go on tours of salons, meet with owners, listen to their stories and ultimately gain knowledge on what we can do to help them with filling their chairs and needs! Today, we had the benefit of touring the new Luxx Salon Suites in Scottdale, Arizona. This is a new salon that is predicted to open October 1st, 2018. During our visit, we got to see all twenty-one suites, breakroom, laundry facility, and coffee bar. Yes, we said coffee bar and soda fountain too!. We were impressed with the incredible detail, vibe, and layout. They are still finishing construction but this salon isn’t going to be missing anything. With that said we want to share an interview, we had with Kevin who handles their marketing and property management. So, here we go…..

  • How did you discover the Salon & Savvy app?
    • We ultimately discovered the app on social media. It was Instagram that lead us to you and we felt it would be a great platform for us to advertise open chair and rooms we currently have. As of right now, we have twenty-one suites and all but six are available.
  • What is Luxx Salon Suites and what makes it different from the others?
    • When we built Luxx Salon Suites we didn’t want to leave anything out. We consider this to be a premium salon from start to finish because it is a cust0m build, we have quartz countertops, soft closing cabinets and drawers, fully insulated walls, a beverage center, free wifi, ample parking, a full-size breakroom with fridge and microwave, towel service, and laundry. Ultimately, this salon was built, “To The Nines!”
  • What is your background and what are your goals with Luxx Salon Suites?
    • All of us have backgrounds in real estate and commercial space ownership. Our main priority is making the tenants happy. That is the core of what we believe in and that is why we have allowed the first tenants who will be renting have input on the actual build-out, room size, flow and so much more. In the future, we want to open up in North Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert!
  • What services do you plan to offer?
    • The best part about our salon is our out-facing windows. It all looks professional and we plan on having hair stylists, aestheticians, medical professionals, and beauty services. Out thought is to have a fully functioning wellness center for those that choose to come to Luxx. Some of our renters are nurse practitioners and we have medical professionals too.

Personally, we love Luxx Salon Suites and the vibe is amazing. If you are interested in learning more about them, please check out their ad on our app. You can also check out their website to learn more about the social media channels they offer too!