Running a salon is not for the weak! And a successful salon? Takes even more work. At Salon & Savvy, we think there are ten commandments of great salon management – are you following the rules?

1.Thou Shall Not Push Products

One of the fastest ways to irritate your people is to ask them to sell products that they don’t get commission for. If you’re going to push your employees to sell products, create an incentive program that gives them a reason and a reward for selling.

2. Thou Shall Not Gossip

Gossiping annoys your workers and makes your customers uncomfortable. Follow the “is it kind, is it necessary, is it helpful” rule when talking to or about someone.

3. Love Thy Employees AND Thy Customers

Showing love for your employees, contractors and customers may not always come easy, but a little bit goes a long way.

4. Thou Shall Not Micromanage

We know, this is a hard one. But if you are constantly looking over everyone’s shoulders, redoing satisfactory work and completing jobs that are assigned to other people, you will isolate your employees. Empower your workers by trusting them to do the work you hired them to do. Workers that feel they have your trust will work hard to keep it.

5. BUT, Thou Shall Be Willing To Do The Work

Don’t ask your employees or contractors to do work that you aren’t willing to do yourself. Create comradery by sharing tasks. Jump in to assist when asked, even if you are the boss. It shows your employees that you have their back and your customers that you appreciate their schedule too.

6. Thou Shall Be Fair

This one’s not only for the employees, but for customers too. If stylist has sold a product or service, give them credit for it. If a customer is justifiably unhappy with their service, offer them a do over or discount.

7. Thou Shall Be Consistent

Being consistent in your structure, rules, scheduling and attitude will create a happy and stable atmosphere. No one responds well to constant surprises. Consistency creates dependability.

8. Thou Shall Clean Up

Don’t leave the cleaning to your contractors and employees. Be sure to chip in to clean up the sink, sweep up, fold towels – or hire a service to do it consistently. Having a clean work environment is not only good for employees, but for customers too.

9. Thou Shall Communicate

One of the hardest parts of any relationship is communication. When a stylist says “layer” the customer hears “choppy”. Train your workers to use the same language and use pictures and demonstrations to define terms. Educate clients with the same words for clear conversations so that employees can create the looks their clients want.

10. Thou Shall Remember To Be Professional

As simple as it sounds, it can be easy to forget that the beauty industry is a service industry. Remember to be professional to keep your customers happy by not only providing a service, but creating an experience for them.