How To Find The Perfect Job In The Salon Industry

A Great Career In The Salon Industry is One Step Away


From an outside perspective, I’ve personally had the opportunity to speak with the owner of Salon & Savvy numerous times on why she decided to create this mobile app. She has told me it was for numerous reasons but the biggest one was because she couldn’t believe how many salons she would walk into that were looking for help. There were signs in the windows, banner ads, and salon professionals asking if anyone knew someone looking for work. So after seeing this more and more, she thought there has to be a better way to connect the Salon Owner and Professional. That is the number one reason why she decided to create the mobile app but there’s much more.

“I wanted to create a safe community where Professionals could create a profile showcasing their skills and what they have to offer along with a headshot that would only be visible by the Salon Owner if they applied for a job” That way their profile is private and safe but at the same time they can showcase their talents.” Whereas, for a Salon Owner they could post a detailed profile of the exact job they are trying to fill along with extra details that come in handy for the position like the following:

  • Laundry facility
  • Dress code
  • Key access
  • Breakroom
  • Product restriction
  • So much more

It was important to me, to create a space where salons can share details around their salon’s structure and amenities with pictures too. The salon can then post an opening for the professional they are looking for along with the expertise and experience. Likewise, professionals can find salons with open positions looking for someone with their accomplishments and skills. For me, the goal was to be able to find the perfect job from the comfort of your phone. Truly something simple and easy to navigate but effective!

By requiring the salons to claim and verify their locations, as well as professionals to provide license verification upon introductions, Salon & Savvy ensures that only true professionals are interacting with qualified salons and spas – taking the guesswork out of finding the right fit between salon and professional.

So why not start searching today, Salon Owners are posting new jobs daily which means you are one step closer to finding that great job for you. If you should have any questions about our mobile app which is now available for iOS and Android, contact us today!