Networking Your Business In The Beauty Industry

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Importance of Networking Your Beauty Business


If you’re in the beauty business (hair, nails, massage, cosmetology, massage) are you networking and marketing your business? In today’s world, one of the best ways to do that is through digital marketing and meeting people. If you’re a salon looking for business or a professional looking for new clients the only way you can do that is by getting your name out there and we hope this blog post gives you a few tips on how to do that! The following are our top three ways to get connected!

Social Media

As soon as your business profile is created (Facebook and Instagram), start engaging! Follow and like pages of similar businesses, complementary businesses, friends, family, and clients. Nicely comment and or share on other pages and profiles and be sure to engage with anyone who comments on your pages. Keep it simple – don’t engage in a negative way. Be positive and upbeat. Use pictures of your work – just make sure they reflect you in a positive way. You don’t have to get crazy trying to capture the perfect picture, but do look at filters and crop to make sure that the focus of the picture is where you want it to be. To learn more about our social media tips, CLICK HERE!


Depending on where you live chances are there are opportunities to connect with other businesses in the networking space. We would suggest asking friends and family first for suggestions on some of the best networking events. You can look into your local Chamber of Commerce or do a Google search to help you. When you attend them, dress professionally, bring business cards, and get connected. This is a great way to get out and showcase you and your business.

Download The Salon & Savvy App

The Salon & Savvy app is where salons and beauty professionals connect. The app allows Salons to showcase their business to attract qualified licensed professionals. Likewise, Beauty Professionals can add their expertise making it easier to find matches to the perfect fit in a salon or spa. And the really beautiful part? It’s all done from the comfort of your smartphone. Our goal is to get you connected so whether you are looking for a great job or looking to fill an open position we have created a sleek new highly functional app to get you connected. If you’re a professional you can download our app and create a free profile that showcases who you are and what your specialties are. As for salon owners, we have given you the opportunity to highlight your salon and who you might be looking for. You can create an ad for free for the first 30 days and then it’s 29.99 a month to help fill your chairs. This app was created to get you connected and to find the perfect job. For iOS users, you can download the app HERE and for Android users, you can download it HERE. If you create an ad, we will also give you and your salon a shoutout on our Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and Email Marketing!

So, get started today and get yourself the type of clients you will love working with! If you should have any questions about our app, please contact us and let us know!

Happy Networking!



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